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The University of 十大堵博正规信誉网址


Work with us through 研究伙伴关系, 知识转移 Schemes and 研究奖学金s.

At the University of 十大堵博正规信誉网址, we bring together real-word industry challenges and academic curiosity through bespoke collaboration.



We bring together our expertise, data and facilities to work on all your 研究 and Development needs in partnership with you.

RNLI is one of our research partners


We will work with you to embed expertise and knowledge in your business, to help you grow and compete in your market place.



A sponsored PhD 学生hip enables you to access data, 设施和能力, while 学生 develop experience for future employment.

This KTS has provided an invaluable link with the University, allowing unique access and expertise to its state-of-the-art cleanroom facilities. Combining the expertise from both University and company, the work that has been undertaken shall continue to benefit Stratophase and assist in meeting the challenges of our expanding markets.

How your business can benefit from collaboration

We are a major driver of innovation with extensive experience of strategic research collaborations, engaging with businesses large and small.

Our 研究伙伴关系 provide a way for businesses to develop new technologies and processes, or gain critical insights into business challenges. We work closely with you to understand your specific needs and bring together our world class research facilities and academics to create novel solutions to address those challenges.

知识转移 collaborations can also bring new, 或尝试和测试, methodologies to your business-critical challenges. Through a recent graduate, 或secondee, we can work with you to embed technical, process and business-model solutions.

By sponsoring a PhD student or providing student placements, you can access some of the most cutting-edge research from a wide range of academic disciplines. Studentships are of mutual benefit to both student and business, as the student also gains valuable industry-related expertise.

Speak to a member of the team for more information on how you can work with us.



Find out more about how we can work with you through our research capabilities, 业务服务, specialist facilities and high calibre 学生 in our 与十大堵博正规信誉网址合作 brochure: